Marriage around the world

Buikdanseres Yasmin

Let’s talk about of one girl’s favorite subject Wedding. As a Belly Dancer I have always said that I really love performance in weddings. Dancing in a wedding is special because it is this kind of party where everyone is happy for the new couple and they are there to celebrate this love. I have delevoped ( serious research !!! ) interest over wedding parties.

How is about to marry in a different place like Belgrade in Serbia?

Funny for sure. The Saint Marko’s church is situated in the center of Belgrade, which every saturday happens a couple of weddings. The gypsies bands also know that,  then they come,  stop the car in front of the church and in ONE minute they are ready to play. The duration of the show depends how much money the guests or the bride couple are willing to provide. Above in the collage you check how it is and how can I almost get a job with them!