A gift for the soul


These two sympatics guys overhead were playing the best live music that I have heard in Marmaris. Music good played can transport yourself, you just feel free and have good feelings. In return to the famous EAT PRAY & LOVE , I propose as a gift for the soul DANCE MUSIC & MASSAGE

when do we deserve a holiday?


In our days a simple conversation is full of phrases like:¨I´m so busy!¨;¨I need to do a lot of things” or ¨My day should have 48 hours”. Nowadays one of people values is to have busy days or maybe busy life, I’m wondering to know: how do we know when we deserve a holiday? but feather how many days do we need to be stress to deserve a holiday? With a miserable life you are able to have a short great holiday? Is it possible to do a life journey as pleasure as one great holiday?