how to remeber your life

Buikdanseres Yasmin

It is a big challenge to tell about our life even if it’s for friends, why? We are forced to remember our past once more and re-tell it, then you are confronted to see what have happened to you to became who you are. The true is: It is impossible to go through life without injury but it is possible and fair with yourself have a good memories above all because What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it. Gabriel García Marquez

Peace, quiet & deep


Peace, quiet, deep are some words to describe the feeling to be in the desert Sahara (this is an opposite what you can feel at  Leidseplein, Amsterdam). This picture was made after the touristic hours, when the Pyramids are closed to be visited for tourists and when Egyptian people go playing with horses.

A journey to connect to people

Buikdanseres Yasmin
photo by Yasmin Jordy

This quote can touch deep in your heart if you’re expat….

An entire life as a foreigner…for a little while you look back.. then you realized that how much you’ve seen, how much you’ve learned, how much beautiful cities you’ve visited, in the end: you’ll miss the afternoon of laughter with friends. You ask yourself “why do I remember just these moments? “, because A life’s travel is a journey to connect to people.