male Belly Dancer


It was a surprise for me how male Belly Dancers are popular in shows at Marmaris. I can not afirm this happen in all Turkey, because Turkey is such a big country but for sure in Marmaris they have a quite full agenda. When they announciated male Belly Dancer, I really expected a Belly Dance show in the quality of Tito from Egypt, throught my experience to performace for turkish audience, I know that they are good dancers. I need to say that, I have never seen Tito’s live performance ( live performances X videos performances, for people who has carisme, they lose a little bit this in records videos)  but what I saw about Tito in videos, I liked it. Of course the male Belly Dancers in Turkey have a different style, I knew it. Let’s talk about their shows, which had similar points;

  1. danced two musics, first one was a classic Egyptian music in a modern version and the second one drum solo.
  2. They weared the some outfit, a pantalon.
  3. The last common thing they had. In the end of the show when a few people in the audience were not so much interested to watching the performance, they started to make acrobatic movements. I’m not purist, in the sense that I can not appreciate a performance with an innovation, but feather it was an acrobatic show, when you expect a dance show. Dance is not acrobatics,  dance is feeling, dance is express, dance is emotions and you don’t get this with acrobatics movements. But they are ok….They have an audience and the sun of Marmaris!


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